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‘Sin City Rules’ Canceled, But Stars Active on Twitter

In December, the TLC network introduced a new reality show, “Sin City Rules.” The show followed successful women in Las Vegas, many of whom were friends. Sadly after only five episodes aired the show was canceled in the United States. The remaining episodes that were taped will air overseas and be available on the TLC website for public viewing one week at a time. There has been some uproar about the cancellation, and many fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns. The hashtag #SinCityRules has been floating around, and some of the cast members have been seen using it as well.

Amy Hanley, the daughter of famed mobster Tom Hanley, has been quite active over in the Twitterverse. Her tweets reflect her appreciation for her fans and her down to earth attitude. Hanley has been seen following some of her fans and often replies to their comments and questions. There is much more in store for this “mobdoll” in the future. If you are interested in checking out what she has to say, you can find her on Twitter using the name, @REALAmyHanley.

Lori Montoya and Lisa Krause are the gorgeous twins that just turned 50. Their birthday party was shown on “Sin City Rules,” and if someone didn’t know who they were guessed their age, it definitely wouldn’t be 50! Lori is the founder and CEO of Rain Cosmetics, a make-up company which caters to many beauty pageants. Lisa is Lori’s twin and can often be found in episodes of the show. On Twitter both interact with their fans. Lori is a little more on the ball, but Lisa isn’t far behind. You can follow them @LoriMontoyaRain and @LisaMKrause.

Lana Fuchs is a mogul that does it all. Unfortunately, Lana isn’t seen without her sister, Natalya very often. Throughout the taping of the show, both women got into some trouble. Lana began feuding with Alicia, and then later on with Amy. Many call Lana and her sister bullies, but only you can be the judge. Lana is active on Twitter as well, and you can find her using the handle @LANAFUCHS.

While the other two stars of the canceled show both have Twitter handles, neither of them are very active, even with fans. If you want to follow them you can find Alicia Jacobs using @AliciaJacobs and Jen Harman using @REALJenHarman.



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