“Revenge” Sparks More Questions

I must say I am incredibly impressed with the new season of “Revenge.” I wasn’t sure how well I would like it on Sunday nights, but this slot is better for me that the previous one on Wednesday nights. I had no idea just how clever Mason Treadwell is, or how ridiculously stupid either. Does he really believe Emily will be back to confess and let him write a book? Seriously delusional on his part, but at least it keeps him away from messing with Emily’s plans.

I am waiting for Jack and Amanda to be done. I dislike her so much!!! I want Jack to be with Emily, especially because she deserves a small piece of happiness. Maybe that is all part of Emily’s master plan. Not really sure about Nolan dating this chick– what’s her name? Padma? Something like that. Anyway, I really like the whole Nolan is gay story line, and this sort of ruined it for me.

I am interested to see how Daniel will do as head of Grayson Global. My guess? He will fail.

Still not sure what or who those people are that Conrad and Victoria refer to, but they must be important….

Thoughts on the new season??


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Has “American Horror Story” gone too far?

After trying hard to get into the new season, I am really turned off. The entire story line is whacked out, and the characters are not very identifiable. We saw that Adam Levine’s character was killed by two idiots in the asylum, not by the actual “bloody face.” Although, he did make an appearance once the two guys pulled off their masks. It is also safe to say that his arm was ripped off by something or someone other than the two guys. Still not sure why this part was the opening or important though.

Now, I know that the “demon” was sucked into the character Lily Rabe plays, but really? This is a little excessive with the demon and devil stuff. I don’t like her as “evil” and wish she was back to being innocent.

What the hell is up with the doctor? You get your legs amputated for laughing at his small penis? It is a bit twisted and gone a little too far. From what I understand in the next episode she has her legs back, but damn.

It seems like this season is all about shock factor, and I am not okay with it. There needs to be a story line we can follow. As of now, I am unimpressed and disappointed beyond belief.

What are your thoughts about this season and the characters?

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AJ returns to “General Hospital”

This is like something out of a bad horror film. The whole story line is totally wrong! Since this guy– Sean Kanan– is back reprising his role of AJ, what is next?

First, they explained his death all wrong because Steve was not even on the soap in 2005 when AJ “died.” Now he is back, and Monica knew he was alive? Simply too hard to comprehend, even for a damn soap!

They should have placed Kanan in the role of Jason, especially because both him and Burton definitely look similar. They started the story line with the baby, and no one got a happy ending. Kanan would have been a perfect step-in actor. Fans would have warmed up eventually.

Thoughts on AJ or Kanan?

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“666 Park Ave” Is Amazing!

I am really a picky person when it comes to television shows. I don’t like new things, but I fell instantly in love with “666 Park Ave.” There has been a few episodes now, and I am starting to make guesses and connect the dots. Last night’s episode helped me put the pieces together. These are some of my thoughts:

The dead little girl is Jane’s grandmother, but I am not sure how that works just yet. The necklace thing came as a shock to me, but piecing it together is quite fun.

I believe Gavin is actually the devil… just haven’t figured it out completely. Why his wife doesn’t know is beyond me.

I hope the show lasts, especially because I am invested now.

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“Revenge” Season 2 is getting crazy!

I love “Revenge.” It is probably one of the best shows on television right now. I am just catching up on Season 2 right now because there just aren’t enough tvs in the house for everyone to watch what they want. Thankfully I am ready to watch the newest episode on tonight. I have a lot of questions with this season, and they start very simple. These are the questions I need answers too:

Why is Nolan hooking up with the chick that has a “P” name?

What is Emily going to do now that her mother thinks Amanda is her?

What is really going on with Daniel and the company?

And finally– Will Jack and Emily ever be together?

I love the notion of Nolan being with someone, but I assumed it would be a man. I am shocked that ABC is even teetering on the whole bi-sexuality thing. I am dying seeing Jack about to raise a baby that is not his and with Emily knowing the truth. That pisses me off more than anything. I want Jack and Emily together-married and happy. Amanda is just too trashy for me.

Thoughts on this season?

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