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‘Bachelor’ Ben Chooses Courtney

After all was said and done, Ben chose Courtney. That is what Reality Steve had predicted in his blog all along. I am so disappointed that Ben caved last night and gave Courtney back the ring. I was hoping it would have been another Jason Mesnick ordeal, and Lindzi would have gotten the chance to be with Ben in the end.

My heart broke for Lindzi because of what she was going through, and because she recently went through the same thing a year prior. She was classy throughout the entire show, and she gets nothing. Perhaps she will appear on “Bachelor Pad” or something of the like. She is not the next “Bachelorette” because Emily was already chosen. I hope that Lindzi can get her head together soon and finds love. She deserves it!

Courtney talked about Ben abandoning her on “After the Final Rose.” What did she really expect? She was incredibly bitchy and rude to the other girls. She did many unflattering things and obviously she was not thinking long-term. Ben watched it all happen just as we did. He finally got to see the “real” Courtney the girls warned him about. Yup, he looked like an ass.

They both claim they are still together and engaged, but they were obviously on different pages when talking to Chris Harrison. Ben does not look like the same guy we met during Ashley’s season, and that is a huge disappointment. Hollywood got to his head.

Ben and Courtney won’t make it to marriage, that is a sure bet.


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Best Moments From Ben’s Season On ‘The Bachelor’

Tonight is the finale night of “The Bachelor.” Ben will choose between either Courtney or Lindzi, and I am praying it is the latter. If I am honest, there is chemistry with both ladies, but Courtney more so. It is disappointing because she was such a raving bitch throughout the entire season. We watched as she was awful to the other ladies and overstepped her boundaries with Ben on more than one occasion. How unclassy is it to go skinny dipping with a guy that is still dating other women, and do it on television nonetheless. She gives women a bad name. The word slut comes to mind, but I won’t say it.

Anyhow, besides the Courtney drama there were some other crazy moments from the season. The whole Blakeley/Monica make out moment on the premiere was one of them. It was never mentioned except for the first night, so apparently neither one of them were really into each other. There were also the abrupt departures like Brittney that we took notice too. She left for the right reasons and she deserves kudos for not wasting anyone’s time.

These are a look back at some of the other episodes and moments from Ben’s season as “The Bachelor.”

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Who Will ‘Bachelor’ Ben Choose?

It is the week before the big “Bachelor” Finale and fans all over are wondering who Ben will choose. I already know because I read the damn spoilers from that Reality Steve website. I like knowing ahead of time, and it helps me to analyze where things went wrong when I am pointing it out for people. It was really easy to tell that Ben would not choose Kacie B, especially because of the awkwardness with her parents. I couldn’t imagine having strict parents like that. I would have been more of a rebel than I was, which could have been very bad. 

We know that the final two gals are Courtney (throws up a little bit) and Lindzi. I am a complete Lindzi fan, and have been since day one. Her and Kacie were my faves by far. I really dislike Courtney because of the fake attitude and the cockiness that is associated with her. She is not the prettiest girl, and definitely didn’t have the best body. Lindzi is way more compatible with him, but I don’t think he sees it that way. Courtney is the spontaneous one and has been more focused on him since the beginning. She did come forth and apologize, but most likely that was because she felt she had to in order to save her relationship with Ben.

Who will Ben choose? 

If I had to guess, I would guess Courtney. The show is getting huge ratings because of her, and they are letting her attend the “Women Tell All” episode, which is highly unusual. If he chooses Lindzi, I will be thrilled. He had such a connection with her and her family, and that was not there with Courtney’s family. 

What are your thoughts? 

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Ben ‘The Bachelor’ Sends Nicki Home

After watching the entire season of “The Bachelor,” I am less inclined to want to watch again. There was something about this whole Ben thing that really drove me nuts. Like I said in a previous post, I know who he chooses already so I am merely watching for the drama. I am eagerly anticipating the Women Tell All, especially after Courtney talked about her remorse during tonight’s taping. I am not surprised he sent Nicki home, but I think that leading her on and allowing her to tell him she loved him was a little much. Come on Ben! You knew you were not going to pick her and yet, you chose the overnight. Is getting laid really that big of a deal?! *Sigh*

I am also not looking forward to “The Bachelorette” either. Emily Maynard has been completely overdone, and I would much rather watch Emily O’Brien or Kacie B do the show. Tonight we got a glimpse into the process of getting Emily ready for the show. She got to hang out with Ali and Ashley. It was nice to see them again. I was a big Ashley fan and I was really happy that she chose JP.  I wish them all the best, and I am hoping their wedding will be televised!

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Let’s Talk About ‘The Bachelor’

In case you haven’t noticed, I am an ABC junkie. Most of the shows I favor come from that network. There is so much I love about the station and the shows that I probably would die without it. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. I have watched the “Bachelor” franchise on and off for years. There have been a few people like Brad Womack, that I could not stand watching. After watching the “Bachelorette” last season, I was really excited to see Ben get his shot at love after the broken heart he received from Ashley.

As I was watching this season, I garnered a certain distaste for Courtney. I don’t like the girls that act like they are better than everyone just because they are skinny and pretty. If we are being honest though, Courtney was not the prettiest of the girls available to Ben. I couldn’t help but feel like she was a snake and wished that Ben would catch up with her games. As it turns out, he did not. (Go figure!)

This upcoming Monday, February 27th, Ben will be met with the decision of which girl to send home. There are three left, and Courtney is one of them. Lindzi has been a favorite since day one, and Nicki was a complete shock. All signs are pointing to him keeping Courtney and Lindzi, which I view as a huge mistake.

If I am being honest, I know which girl he picks at the end. I have read the Reality Steve blog several times over the last few months in order to gain knowledge about the show. I am impatient and I hate surprises. This one was definitely a jaw-dropping reveal.

I am anxious to watch the “After the Final Rose” show for this season for sure. There were some moments over the course of the season that had me asking, what the hell?

Anyways, I am curious about your thoughts on the show and the ladies that were on it. Who do you think Ben will choose.

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