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‘Sin City Rules’ Finale– My Thoughts And Gripes

After becoming a huge fan of the show “Sin City Rules,” I was disappointed to hear it was canceled earlier this month. As a true fan, I stuck by the show and completed the three un-aired episodes by watching them on the TLC website. There are conflicting reports about why the show was canceled, but many speculations are being made. Most of them are accusatory, and I really don’t have an opinion other than TLC should grow some god damned balls and keep the show on the air! Hell, Bravo keeps those housewives on the air when they act ghetto. What’s the difference? Well, I know some of these ladies are classier than that, but I am still one pissed off fan because this was the ONLY nighttime show I watched religiously since my “666 Park Avenue” was canceled.

So now, here are my thoughts. They are mine alone and were not influenced by outsiders or insiders. Just me and my words.

From the very beginning two women stood out to me, Amy Hanley and Lori Krause Montoya. These were the ladies that gave off the “real” vibe without trying. I was not an Alicia Jacobs fan at all, and neither Lana or Jen really interested me. Fast forward to the finale and things have changed. These are my individual thoughts on the ladies now, and why the conclusions came about.

Alicia– After the first few episodes aired, I was actually warming up to her. I could relate to her a little bit, especially when Lana attacked her on vicious and slanderous rumors. I liked that she accepted Amy for who she was and helped her through the emergency hospital call. Now at the end of the show I am conflicted. I have heard some things she has been accused of, but can’t actually believe she did those things. She is probably one of the more professional ladies. Right now, I would still watch her on television.

Lori and Lisa– I really like these ladies. I have seen the episode “Ambush” and I can’t believe that Lori was intentionally setting Amy up. I know that it looks that way, but in every other episode where Lori talks, she is not a vindictive or evil person. I do believe the ladies have always had the best of intentions both with the Amy drama and the Alicia drama. Oh and Junior, he is pretty cool too 😉

Lana– Anyone that thinks they are God needs their head checked. I understand she had a hard life and came from nothing and built something, but the ego that she has is ridiculous. In the scenes with her commenting on the show, she is constantly bashing the other ladies, especially Alicia and Amy. To me, that shows no class at all. Spewing rumors around about Alicia sleeping with married men, ruining Wendy’s birthday party, and just being downright bitchy has ruined Lana for me. She is all over Twitter with this #LanaLive bull shit, and she has a decent following. Apparently being rude and vile garners more “fans” than being real.

Natalya– Technically she wasn’t a  cast member, but she is Lana’s sister. This bitch needs a reality check and quick. Living off your sister doesn’t make you a bad-bitch, and dressing like you do makes you look trashy. I’m sure her child will love the imagine she portrayed in front of millions of people. I may tune into Lana’s show just to watch this train wreck.

Jen– Adding Jen did nothing for me. She wasn’t a very interesting person, and no one really needed to know about her period that lasted x amount of days. Her vow renewal with Marco was nice (and he is a hottie), but there wasn’t much added by having Jen present. However, she now runs in the Lana brigade, so we can be sure to see more of her. *rolls eyes*

Kim– I really, really like Kim. She was kind of the voice of reason among the ladies when things got heated, and she helped Amy to organize the dinner for the finale. Kim technically is not a Vegas woman, but she brought a nice touch to the show.

Amy– Amy is still my favorite. I can relate to her in all aspects. I grew up with one parent and my mother died when I was young. I often seek my past to get answers, even though my stuff is not nearly as interesting as hers. I lived a rough life and my attitude is much the same as hers. She was genuine with those ladies during that dinner, and they all still chose to blow her off. I am not sure why none of them have tried to reconcile with her, but they should. Amy is not responsible for what Wendy did, she can only accept responsibility for her own actions.

I am disappointed that TLC made it look like all the ladies were friends at the end when clearly that is not the case. They disappointed many fans by canceling the show and then went on to disappoint with the finale. I hope that these ladies go on to do great things and that TLC kicks itself in the ass, HARD. This was a winning show and instead, they are playing shit about “Honey Boo Boo” and some “Totally T-Boz” shit. Yes, T-Boz is totally irrelevant.


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‘Sin City Rules’ Canceled, But Stars Active on Twitter

In December, the TLC network introduced a new reality show, “Sin City Rules.” The show followed successful women in Las Vegas, many of whom were friends. Sadly after only five episodes aired the show was canceled in the United States. The remaining episodes that were taped will air overseas and be available on the TLC website for public viewing one week at a time. There has been some uproar about the cancellation, and many fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns. The hashtag #SinCityRules has been floating around, and some of the cast members have been seen using it as well.

Amy Hanley, the daughter of famed mobster Tom Hanley, has been quite active over in the Twitterverse. Her tweets reflect her appreciation for her fans and her down to earth attitude. Hanley has been seen following some of her fans and often replies to their comments and questions. There is much more in store for this “mobdoll” in the future. If you are interested in checking out what she has to say, you can find her on Twitter using the name, @REALAmyHanley.

Lori Montoya and Lisa Krause are the gorgeous twins that just turned 50. Their birthday party was shown on “Sin City Rules,” and if someone didn’t know who they were guessed their age, it definitely wouldn’t be 50! Lori is the founder and CEO of Rain Cosmetics, a make-up company which caters to many beauty pageants. Lisa is Lori’s twin and can often be found in episodes of the show. On Twitter both interact with their fans. Lori is a little more on the ball, but Lisa isn’t far behind. You can follow them @LoriMontoyaRain and @LisaMKrause.

Lana Fuchs is a mogul that does it all. Unfortunately, Lana isn’t seen without her sister, Natalya very often. Throughout the taping of the show, both women got into some trouble. Lana began feuding with Alicia, and then later on with Amy. Many call Lana and her sister bullies, but only you can be the judge. Lana is active on Twitter as well, and you can find her using the handle @LANAFUCHS.

While the other two stars of the canceled show both have Twitter handles, neither of them are very active, even with fans. If you want to follow them you can find Alicia Jacobs using @AliciaJacobs and Jen Harman using @REALJenHarman.


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