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“Revenge” Sparks More Questions

I must say I am incredibly impressed with the new season of “Revenge.” I wasn’t sure how well I would like it on Sunday nights, but this slot is better for me that the previous one on Wednesday nights. I had no idea just how clever Mason Treadwell is, or how ridiculously stupid either. Does he really believe Emily will be back to confess and let him write a book? Seriously delusional on his part, but at least it keeps him away from messing with Emily’s plans.

I am waiting for Jack and Amanda to be done. I dislike her so much!!! I want Jack to be with Emily, especially because she deserves a small piece of happiness. Maybe that is all part of Emily’s master plan. Not really sure about Nolan dating this chick– what’s her name? Padma? Something like that. Anyway, I really like the whole Nolan is gay story line, and this sort of ruined it for me.

I am interested to see how Daniel will do as head of Grayson Global. My guess? He will fail.

Still not sure what or who those people are that Conrad and Victoria refer to, but they must be important….

Thoughts on the new season??


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“Revenge” Season 2 is getting crazy!

I love “Revenge.” It is probably one of the best shows on television right now. I am just catching up on Season 2 right now because there just aren’t enough tvs in the house for everyone to watch what they want. Thankfully I am ready to watch the newest episode on tonight. I have a lot of questions with this season, and they start very simple. These are the questions I need answers too:

Why is Nolan hooking up with the chick that has a “P” name?

What is Emily going to do now that her mother thinks Amanda is her?

What is really going on with Daniel and the company?

And finally– Will Jack and Emily ever be together?

I love the notion of Nolan being with someone, but I assumed it would be a man. I am shocked that ABC is even teetering on the whole bi-sexuality thing. I am dying seeing Jack about to raise a baby that is not his and with Emily knowing the truth. That pisses me off more than anything. I want Jack and Emily together-married and happy. Amanda is just too trashy for me.

Thoughts on this season?

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‘Revenge’ Finally Gets Good

Wow. If you have been following “Revenge” all season, you will know what I am talking about. Last week there was a break between episodes, and last night a new episode returned. When we left off last time, it was Daniel and Emily’s engagement party. It was the event we got a glimpse of on the season premiere, and fans were finally given some answers. For the longest time we all assumed that Daniel was going to be shot on the beach. Of course there were some major suspects, both Amanda and Tyler were high on the list. When Tyler was locked up in a psych place mid-season, the focus turned to Amanda. Little did we know that the whole Tyler AND Amanda assumptions were both correct. Amanda was helping Tyler when he broke loose, but finally came to her senses before it was too late.

When the body was found on the beach, it turned out that it was Tyler, not Daniel as everyone had assumed. Charlotte and Declan found the body, and they are both really taking it hard. Daniel is now the prime suspect in Tyler’s murder and has been arrested. Emily is watching as the similarities to her father’s arrest and his are matching up. You could read the pain on her face when Daniel was taken out of her house in handcuffs.

It looks like the story is going to be spun to make Jack the killer, even though we know that is not the case. I am curious to see how this all plays out and what will and won’t happen before the season cuts out for the summer. I did like the sisterly bonding that was happening between Charlotte and Emily. That is a story line I would like to see develop into something more. When Emily’s identity is revealed, it will be big.

What do you think will happen?

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What Makes ‘Revenge’ Worth Watching?

It is Wednesday! Happy Hump Day you television junkies! There is so much I want to talk about regarding the shows that air tonight, but I am going to only focus on one for today. This one is a new show and is still only in its first season. Yep, that’s right, “Revenge.”

I began watching “Revenge” when it first premiered. Actually, I watched about a week before it ran on television because I have a hook-up, and the pilot was released early. I also downloaded the script from Amazon and read that. It was an excellent promotion technique for the show, and I believe it helped draw in viewers on the first night. The pilot was brilliantly written and kept fans guessing nearly the entire first half of the season. There were some major shockers throughout the first half of Season 1, and many of them left viewers blindsided. These are some of the occurrences I found shocking on “Revenge.”

Nolan hooking up with Tyler– I will admit, my gaydar is not very good. Mainly because I don’t care whether you are gay or straight, you are a person. I didn’t put two and two together, and when this happened I was completely thrown off. I think the biggest thing was I believed that Tyler was into girls, just not necessarily Ashley.

Amanda coming to town– There was never really any explanation of how the real Amanda became Emily. It was just overlooked until Victoria’s bodyguard, Frank, went searching for “Amanda Clarke.” He was pretty smart by putting two and two together, and lucky for Emily, Amanda killed him before he could expose the bother of them.

Tyler being the one dead on the beach– Nearly all season long, fans have been groomed to believe that Daniel was dead on the beach. It did not make much sense at all, but I figured Emily would then hook-up with Jack, and I was okay with that. As it turns out, Daniel was quicker than we imagined, and he shot Tyler. We are wondering whether or not Daniel knows about Emily and what she is doing.

“Revenge” is a rerun tonight, and that is rather disappointing. “American Idol” is on tonight, but I am rather bored with the selections the judges have made. I will probably have some commentary on it tomorrow, so stay tuned!

What do you watch on Wednesdays, and do you like “Revenge”?

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