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Has “American Horror Story” gone too far?

After trying hard to get into the new season, I am really turned off. The entire story line is whacked out, and the characters are not very identifiable. We saw that Adam Levine’s character was killed by two idiots in the asylum, not by the actual “bloody face.” Although, he did make an appearance once the two guys pulled off their masks. It is also safe to say that his arm was ripped off by something or someone other than the two guys. Still not sure why this part was the opening or important though.

Now, I know that the “demon” was sucked into the character Lily Rabe plays, but really? This is a little excessive with the demon and devil stuff. I don’t like her as “evil” and wish she was back to being innocent.

What the hell is up with the doctor? You get your legs amputated for laughing at his small penis? It is a bit twisted and gone a little too far. From what I understand in the next episode she has her legs back, but damn.

It seems like this season is all about shock factor, and I am not okay with it. There needs to be a story line we can follow. As of now, I am unimpressed and disappointed beyond belief.

What are your thoughts about this season and the characters?


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What is the deal with ‘American Horror Story’ This Season?

I am an “over the top” fan of “American Horror Story.” The first season was brilliant! I had such high hopes for this season and the asylum story line. In fact, I was actually counting down the days once the new fall line-up began in late September.

We are now two episodes in, and I am really pissed off. I am not sure what is going on in the show, and it feels like it is just thrown together. I love Evan Peters as Kit, and the French actress is brilliant as well! The two of them together make a fine couple, and I believe she is really sane as well. Seeing Jessica Lange as the nun is a riot, especially since I am still seeing her as Constance. Overall, the casting is pretty spectacular. I do wish Adam Levine had more screen time, but I am hoping he is incorporated into more as the season goes on.

The story line sucks. I don’t understand why they are blurring everything together. Who is this guy that is all bloody and killing people? What is the meaning of all the chaos? Season 1 flowed and there was an excellent plot, but Season 2 needs some work– fast!

I am going to give it another week or two, and if it does not improve, I’m ditching it!


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More ‘American Horror Story’ Cast Members Announced!

I am SO excited for Season 2 of “American Horror Story” to begin. I am a little disappointed at the thought of Evan Peters not being Tate, but I think I can get over it with a little time! I am very eager to see Adam Levine act. He is totally hot and I could watch him all day. A few days ago I heard a rumor about Mark Consuelos being a part of the cast as well. I have been a long time “All My Children” fan and watched back when Hayley and Matteo got married. Well, the rumors were correct! Consuelos will be joining the cast as well!

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Which Stars Will Return For Season 2 Of ‘American Horror Story’?

I am an “American Horror Story” fanatic. I think the show is brilliant and I loved the cast. It was extremely disappointing to know that they are going to be changing everything around for Season 2, and nothing will remain familiar. This was not a complete shock because the ending of Season 1 was sort of rushed. The show doesn’t go the entire duration a normal network show would go, and the time span made everything happen really fast. I was hoping that Season 2 would bring the birth of Viv’s babies and they would expand on that. Instead, they killed the entire Harmon family.

Tate and Violet were my favorite characters, which you may have read about in an earlier post. I have written several speculation pieces about who will and won’t return for Season 2 before anything was confirmed. I was hoping for Tate, Hayden, and the guy that Constance was banging. It was being reported that no one from the Harmon family would be following the show, but Jessica Lange was confirmed as returning. There are still no concrete details about her return, but she would have been nuts to not follow the show! After all, she did win a Golden Globe for her role as Constance!

Ryan Murphy finally came out and confirmed which actors from Season 1 will be returning, and I am less than pleased. There was so much potential and I feel like Murphy blew it.

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‘American Horror Story’ — Tate and Violet

When I first heard of the show, I was not impressed. I skipped the first two episodes until a friend was raving about it. I watched the episodes back to back and I was hooked. The creepy factor was through the roof, and immediately I knew I would love this show!

As the season progressed, I fell in love with Tate. I have a thing for the “lost soul” boys, and I could connect with him on some levels. When he started to show his love for Violet, it was apparent that he was a kind soul that was deeply hurt by the people in his life. Constance was one of those people, and I was shocked he didn’t kill her. Glad he didn’t though because that would have made the show less interesting. There have been many great “Tate” moments, but many of the really good ones happened when he was with Violet.

I am rather disappointed that Violet won’t be coming back on Season 2 for sure, but still hoping that Tate will. Of course he won’t be Tate, but at least I can envision him as Tate anyway. It is going to be interesting to see how things are spun and in which direction they go. I am anxious for Season 2, but a little hesitant. I feel like I will be let down, and that will be heartbreaking because I love the show.

Were you a Tate and Violet fan? What were your favorite moments?

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