Hotel Review: Wild Rose Casino And Resort— Clinton, Iowa

While this is typically a television blog, I think that throwing out some randomness is acceptable and will keep things fresh as I embark on the journey to bring this blog back to life!


This past weekend (Mar 1st through March 3rd) my husband and I traveled to Clinton, Iowa for a weekend alone. It has been nearly three years since our first son was born, and we have only been away from him two nights, which happened to be when our second son was born. As the parents of two small children, alone time doesn’t happen. A month ago my mother-in-law suggested a weekend getaway for us and offered to keep the boys. We booked a weekend at the Wild Rose Casino and Resort. I originally wanted the jacuzzi suite, but that was unavailable. My husband got us set up in a deluxe king, which was satisfactory for me.

As we drove there, I began thinking about what we planned to do and whether or not it was worth leaving the boys behind. They were in good hands, but still, a little (okay, a lot!) of mom anxiety was kicking in! It didn’t help that the roads were shit driving there either!

Once we arrived, it was confusing on where to go to check in. After it took my husband what seemed like an eternity to figure it out, we found ourselves getting settled in our room! It was fantastic! Huge was a understatment! The bed was big and the bathroom was bigger than anything I had seen in a hotel! It was a nice change from the one I had in the hotel we stayed at in Mississippi two weeks prior! The room was clean. The only downfall? No smoking in the rooms! (Boo!)

We checked out the casino immediately. It was way smaller than I expected, but the games were fun. We found a few good machines (Carnival, Zeus, and Instant Riches) that we really, really liked. We won some, and lost more! Overall, it was a fun experience in there. It was interesting that you could smoke in the casino, but not in the hotel.

Food was amazing at the Coaches Corner. Best Angus burger I have had anywhere. Also, their buffalo wings were fantastic. I had a ranch wrap the first night, and it was good, but nothing compared to the Angus burger I tasted from hubby and the one I got the next night. Wait staff was friendly, and both of them got tipped well for their service. Only issue– they don’t carry 151!!! Who doesn’t carry that shit?!

Sawmill buffet was HORRIBLE! We planned that as our dinner for the second night there. We paid nearly $28 and ate MAYBE two plates between the two of us, and that included dessert. There was not much to choose from and what was available was either overdone, or just looked horrific. I chose to eat a salad from the minimal choices. The salad was good, but not worth the $14. My husband grabbed some fish and chicken, but he didn’t eat either. The chicken was dry and the fish was covered in spices. I actually enjoyed the fish, but again, not worth $14. So we wasted nearly $30 and went hungry. Coaches Corner is the way to go!

All in all, I would give this place a 4 out of 5 overall, with only mark down being for the buffet crapola! We will definitely be coming back, hopefully this summer!


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