Has “American Horror Story” gone too far?

After trying hard to get into the new season, I am really turned off. The entire story line is whacked out, and the characters are not very identifiable. We saw that Adam Levine’s character was killed by two idiots in the asylum, not by the actual “bloody face.” Although, he did make an appearance once the two guys pulled off their masks. It is also safe to say that his arm was ripped off by something or someone other than the two guys. Still not sure why this part was the opening or important though.

Now, I know that the “demon” was sucked into the character Lily Rabe plays, but really? This is a little excessive with the demon and devil stuff. I don’t like her as “evil” and wish she was back to being innocent.

What the hell is up with the doctor? You get your legs amputated for laughing at his small penis? It is a bit twisted and gone a little too far. From what I understand in the next episode she has her legs back, but damn.

It seems like this season is all about shock factor, and I am not okay with it. There needs to be a story line we can follow. As of now, I am unimpressed and disappointed beyond belief.

What are your thoughts about this season and the characters?


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One response to “Has “American Horror Story” gone too far?

  1. Drunkn Masta

    I agree. It has been disappointing. I love “dark” and “twisted” films and books, but it has to have good story and developed characters as well. It seems like its just gross for grossness sake. the stuff with Chloe Sevigny is just too much and the scene where the shrink performs aversion theropy on a gay woman by making her give a hand job while touching herself was just horrendous.
    It seems like the show doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is it an indictment of the 60s mental health treatment n the US? Is it an alien/demon/slasher/shock fest? the previous season was creepy and weird and kept me curious to see what would happen next. In this season I know no what is going to happen. Next week they’ll need to find a way to out-gross this week. I don’t think I’ll tune in just to find out how they do that

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