“Revenge” Season 2 is getting crazy!

I love “Revenge.” It is probably one of the best shows on television right now. I am just catching up on Season 2 right now because there just aren’t enough tvs in the house for everyone to watch what they want. Thankfully I am ready to watch the newest episode on tonight. I have a lot of questions with this season, and they start very simple. These are the questions I need answers too:

Why is Nolan hooking up with the chick that has a “P” name?

What is Emily going to do now that her mother thinks Amanda is her?

What is really going on with Daniel and the company?

And finally– Will Jack and Emily ever be together?

I love the notion of Nolan being with someone, but I assumed it would be a man. I am shocked that ABC is even teetering on the whole bi-sexuality thing. I am dying seeing Jack about to raise a baby that is not his and with Emily knowing the truth. That pisses me off more than anything. I want Jack and Emily together-married and happy. Amanda is just too trashy for me.

Thoughts on this season?


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