What is the deal with ‘American Horror Story’ This Season?

I am an “over the top” fan of “American Horror Story.” The first season was brilliant! I had such high hopes for this season and the asylum story line. In fact, I was actually counting down the days once the new fall line-up began in late September.

We are now two episodes in, and I am really pissed off. I am not sure what is going on in the show, and it feels like it is just thrown together. I love Evan Peters as Kit, and the French actress is brilliant as well! The two of them together make a fine couple, and I believe she is really sane as well. Seeing Jessica Lange as the nun is a riot, especially since I am still seeing her as Constance. Overall, the casting is pretty spectacular. I do wish Adam Levine had more screen time, but I am hoping he is incorporated into more as the season goes on.

The story line sucks. I don’t understand why they are blurring everything together. Who is this guy that is all bloody and killing people? What is the meaning of all the chaos? Season 1 flowed and there was an excellent plot, but Season 2 needs some work– fast!

I am going to give it another week or two, and if it does not improve, I’m ditching it!



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