General Hospital: Jason Goes Missing

First I want to start off by saying, I actually DO love the story lines happening right now. I also respect Steve Burton for walking away in order to spend time with his family. I still have to ask, What the hell “General Hospital”? The way you “offed” Jason is too open for me. Sam is still stuck on believing he is alive, how long will that last? Everyone else has written him off as dead, so when will he return?

I do hope that Sam ends up with McBain because I absolutely adore them together. I have been a strong JaSam supporter, but the next best thing is John McBain. I am hoping there will be a funeral or a farewell tribute, especially since Jason was such a huge part on the show. He touched the lives of each character in one way or another, and that deserves to be honored. I am going to watch for another couple of weeks before giving the definitive answer on whether or not I think they need Jason back, but as of now, I feel like there were too many things left unsaid/undone.

What are you fans thinking?


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One response to “General Hospital: Jason Goes Missing

  1. BCarla

    to me the story of Jason and Sam is boring no I said that wrong extremely boring and it’s overkill of their saga of danger, love, danger, love, missing, murder, out of love ,in love, missing, found and gone again in what life? It was a roller-coaster of a ride please put the brakes on and let us enjoy the love for a change….geeeeee…I’m about to stop watching stories all together because of them two…

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