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AJ returns to “General Hospital”

This is like something out of a bad horror film. The whole story line is totally wrong! Since this guy– Sean Kanan– is back reprising his role of AJ, what is next?

First, they explained his death all wrong because Steve was not even on the soap in 2005 when AJ “died.” Now he is back, and Monica knew he was alive? Simply too hard to comprehend, even for a damn soap!

They should have placed Kanan in the role of Jason, especially because both him and Burton definitely look similar. They started the story line with the baby, and no one got a happy ending. Kanan would have been a perfect step-in actor. Fans would have warmed up eventually.

Thoughts on AJ or Kanan?


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“666 Park Ave” Is Amazing!

I am really a picky person when it comes to television shows. I don’t like new things, but I fell instantly in love with “666 Park Ave.” There has been a few episodes now, and I am starting to make guesses and connect the dots. Last night’s episode helped me put the pieces together. These are some of my thoughts:

The dead little girl is Jane’s grandmother, but I am not sure how that works just yet. The necklace thing came as a shock to me, but piecing it together is quite fun.

I believe Gavin is actually the devil… just haven’t figured it out completely. Why his wife doesn’t know is beyond me.

I hope the show lasts, especially because I am invested now.

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“Revenge” Season 2 is getting crazy!

I love “Revenge.” It is probably one of the best shows on television right now. I am just catching up on Season 2 right now because there just aren’t enough tvs in the house for everyone to watch what they want. Thankfully I am ready to watch the newest episode on tonight. I have a lot of questions with this season, and they start very simple. These are the questions I need answers too:

Why is Nolan hooking up with the chick that has a “P” name?

What is Emily going to do now that her mother thinks Amanda is her?

What is really going on with Daniel and the company?

And finally– Will Jack and Emily ever be together?

I love the notion of Nolan being with someone, but I assumed it would be a man. I am shocked that ABC is even teetering on the whole bi-sexuality thing. I am dying seeing Jack about to raise a baby that is not his and with Emily knowing the truth. That pisses me off more than anything. I want Jack and Emily together-married and happy. Amanda is just too trashy for me.

Thoughts on this season?

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What is the deal with ‘American Horror Story’ This Season?

I am an “over the top” fan of “American Horror Story.” The first season was brilliant! I had such high hopes for this season and the asylum story line. In fact, I was actually counting down the days once the new fall line-up began in late September.

We are now two episodes in, and I am really pissed off. I am not sure what is going on in the show, and it feels like it is just thrown together. I love Evan Peters as Kit, and the French actress is brilliant as well! The two of them together make a fine couple, and I believe she is really sane as well. Seeing Jessica Lange as the nun is a riot, especially since I am still seeing her as Constance. Overall, the casting is pretty spectacular. I do wish Adam Levine had more screen time, but I am hoping he is incorporated into more as the season goes on.

The story line sucks. I don’t understand why they are blurring everything together. Who is this guy that is all bloody and killing people? What is the meaning of all the chaos? Season 1 flowed and there was an excellent plot, but Season 2 needs some work– fast!

I am going to give it another week or two, and if it does not improve, I’m ditching it!


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General Hospital: Jason Goes Missing

First I want to start off by saying, I actually DO love the story lines happening right now. I also respect Steve Burton for walking away in order to spend time with his family. I still have to ask, What the hell “General Hospital”? The way you “offed” Jason is too open for me. Sam is still stuck on believing he is alive, how long will that last? Everyone else has written him off as dead, so when will he return?

I do hope that Sam ends up with McBain because I absolutely adore them together. I have been a strong JaSam supporter, but the next best thing is John McBain. I am hoping there will be a funeral or a farewell tribute, especially since Jason was such a huge part on the show. He touched the lives of each character in one way or another, and that deserves to be honored. I am going to watch for another couple of weeks before giving the definitive answer on whether or not I think they need Jason back, but as of now, I feel like there were too many things left unsaid/undone.

What are you fans thinking?

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