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More ‘American Horror Story’ Cast Members Announced!

I am SO excited for Season 2 of “American Horror Story” to begin. I am a little disappointed at the thought of Evan Peters not being Tate, but I think I can get over it with a little time! I am very eager to see Adam Levine act. He is totally hot and I could watch him all day. A few days ago I heard a rumor about Mark Consuelos being a part of the cast as well. I have been a long time “All My Children” fan and watched back when Hayley and Matteo got married. Well, the rumors were correct! Consuelos will be joining the cast as well!


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Book Review: Game On By Kyra Lennon

I have been an avid reader for many years. In the 6th grade is when I truly got hooked on books. I would read a book a day over the summers and when something was really interesting, I wouldn’t sleep until I was done reading it. As the years progressed (and there have been MANY years!), I read anything and everything. I began freelancing when I became pregnant with my son. I met a wonderful circle of people, and met some very close friends.

I had the pleasure of reading “Game On” while it was in progress. I know the author pretty well, but that has not swayed my decision on the book. You see, I refuse to read “50 Shades of Grey.” The whole idea of “wife porn” doesn’t really get me stoked about the books. Total fail!

And now, let’s talk about the book!!!

This is very exciting for me to be telling you about. I am a hopeless romantic and I love a little bit of suspicion in my books. “Game On” has both of that and much, much more! The main character, Leah, is a feisty one! She has a mouth on her! Her smart mouth reminds me of myself, just a British version! I also adore Radleigh. I don’t know what it is about him, but I just an’t get enough. Cocky guys are a huge turn on for me, and BONUS- he is a soccer player. Well, they call it football in England, so Leah calls it football. The supporting characters are delightful as well. They each add something very important to the story, but aren’t too overbearing like some other books I have read.

This is a definite MUST READ! You can purchase the Kindle edition or a regular book (who knew they still made books!) by clicking here.

Please feel free to leave your feedback here about the book as well! I look forward to your thoughts!!


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Big Brother 14: My thoughts

I have been a “Big Brother” fan since Season 11. It was the first year I watched the show, and I was hooked instantly. I enjoyed both Season 12 and 13, but 14 is not doing it for me. I love that Britney returned, but Janelle, Boogie, and Dan aren’t as entertaining. I do like Frank and Wil a lot though. They are my picks for the final four, along with possibly Danielle and Jojo. That could all change of course, especially if the coaches get added to the game. I am hoping that they don’t though, because Boogie’s cocky attitude makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

So, Willie was kicked out of the game. It doesn’t surprise me much, especially since he thought he was running the house. His attitude sucked terribly, but he was sort of easy on the eyes. I knew he had a connection with the Russell guy from Survivor, and it looks like the entire family is pretty out there. Kudos to Joe for taking four headbutts (who does that anymore?!) and getting the house pizza!

I am interested to see who will be voted out Tuesday. My hope is that Frank will gain some decent allies this week and work things out in order to get to the final four.

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