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Who Got Sent Home On ‘American Idol’– April 19th, 2012

Last night on “American Idol” there were many great performances! Elise really stood out with her song choices! Of course the females are all drooling over Colton and Phillip (me included, but Phillip is more my type)! It looks like a girl might win the entire competition this year, with Jessica and Skylar being favorites. I am a little disappointed that the judges saved Jessica last week because she is still young and could definitely still get a contract on her own. Last night after the show aired, there were mixed emotions on who was going to be sent home. As I watched my Facebook feed it was clear that people were upset Jessica was saved and they love Colton. Diverse right? I am NOT a fan of LMFAO– AT ALL. I think they are crude and I definitely would not let my teen listen to their music. YUCK!

Here are the results from tonight–

Bottom Three–




WHAT people?! Colton??? Are you kidding me?!

Elise was sent back to the couch first– leaving Colton and Hollie there to fend for themselves.

Colton got sent home!!!

Unreal America. You failed him!!!!


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Is Port Charles Ready For Tea Delgado?

There has been speculation for some time about which other “One Life to Live” residents would be coming over to “General Hospital.” Well, there has now been confirmation that Tea Delgado will be headed to Port Charles and fans could not be happier. Florencia Lozano has played this character for years, and she is as feisty as they come. I am wondering how she is going to tie into the story, and whether or not she is coming to rescue Starr from something. We know she was close with John when “OLTL” ended, Starr is her step-daughter, and she was married to Todd at one point. There are a number of reasons she could be headed to town. What do you think?

This is the official announcement from ABC:

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‘General Hospital’ Secrets Exposed!

It has been a while since I have updated the blog, but life has been chaotic at best. I am continuously watching and making mental notes during “General Hospital.” This past week had me speechless. There is so much going on, and it is a lot for fans to handle. Here is a bit about what I think is going to happen based on the information provided for us.

It has been a complete week since we have seen Robin locked in that hospital-like setting. We can only begin to imagine who has her and how they managed to stage the explosion, especially since Maxie did break the gas valve. All signs are pointing to Faison. I still don’t remember him, but whatever.

Heather Webber unlocked the mystery of Franco and Jason. It has been speculated forever that they were brothers, but twins is a stretch. Again, there has to be a purpose for this. The paternity of Sam’s baby is now up in the air again, and she is moving closer to John McBain. There was a spoiler alert that came a few months back about a relationship crumbling, perhaps it is Jason and Sam? But then what happens to John and Natalie? Hmmm.

Kate and Connie, or Connie and Kate? This is one big mess and definitely the trademark of the “One Life to Live” writers coming over to “General Hospital.” Nicki Smith was Vicki’s alternate personality, and the story line was one of a kind back then. I personally like Connie. She is feisty and could give Carly a run for her money. Hopefully they keep Connie and Kate vanishes. After all, Kate is totally boring.

What are your thoughts on “General Hospital?”

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