What Is The Franco/Jason Connection On ‘General Hospital’?

The huge secret on “General Hospital” was supposed to be revealed this week. Instead, we got another clue and the story will drag out another couple of weeks. There have been rumors for months about Heather Webber making a return to the show. She is the mother of Elizabeth and Steven, and I can’t even begin to tell you anything more about her. I don’t remember her or why she is in jail. I am a little confused as to what she has to offer, but curious at the same time. *Edited* Thanks to Jeri- I realized I was misinformed. Steven and Elizabeth are half-siblings by their father. Heather is strictly related to only Steven. Thanks Jeri!

For a while, fans have talked about the possibility that Jason and Franco were twins or brothers. The twin thing would be kind of lame, but the brothers thing would definitely make the story a little more believable. I was not too keen on the whole Franco/Jason story line to begin with, especially with the whole “possible rape” of Sam and her pregnancy. It is all a bit weird for me.

What are your thoughts?

‘General Hospital’ Writers Ruined Franco Story Line



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2 responses to “What Is The Franco/Jason Connection On ‘General Hospital’?

  1. Jeri

    Heather is not Elizabeth’s mother. Her father, Jeff Webber, had Steven Lars with Heather. Years later, he got married and had two daughters – Sarah/Sara and Elizabeth.

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