Robin Alive On ‘General Hospital’?

After weeks of mourning the loss of Robin Scorpio-Drake on “General Hospital,” fans have realized that she is still alive. During the “GH” episode that aired on 3/27/12, we saw Robin wake up in a hospital-like setting and try to leave the room. The door was locked, and a woman entered. This is about all we know up to this point, but frankly, I am a little shocked. I was under the impression that Kimberly McCullough was not returning because she wanted to pursue other things like directing. She was supposed to have been gone in February, and it is now almost April.

There are rumors that Fiason is coming back to town, but I will admit I am not familiar with him. I am sure I have seen him on the show, but I was young back in the 80s so my memories are scattered. It will be interesting if he does return, and what will happen. Robert is off chasing Ethan, but will he return for Robin?

What are your thoughts?


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