‘American Idol’ Top 10 Becomes Top 9– Which Contestant Was Sent Home March 22, 2012?

Last night the remaining 10 finalists sang Billy Joel classics. P. Diddy and Jimmy Iovine were the mentors, and the contestants also got a little wardrobe help from a stylist. Tonight one more hopeful will head home, and that will bring nine others closer to their dream of being the next “American Idol.”

In my opinion, the only three that have a true shot at winning and succeeding are Colton, Phillip, and Hollie.  Those three have styles they are set into already, and they know what to do to make a song their own. I personally am hoping for a Skylar or Phillip win, but I just can’t see America choosing another country artist so soon.

The bottom three tonight were—–



Hee Jun

Erika was the one that America did NOT vote for this week, and she was given the chance to sing for her life. Unfortunately she was not saved.


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