‘Dancing with the Stars’ Starts Monday, March 19th

Nearly three weeks ago, the cast of Season 14 of “Dancing with the Stars” was announced. The celebrities are less than impressive this season, and I am predicting the ratings will drop. I have no real reason to watch it because I no longer freelance for Yahoo Tv. I may tune into the premiere because I am used to watching ABC on Mondays, but that may be it.

There doesn’t seem to be one person that stands out as the take-it-all, but people are betting on Melissa Gilbert or that Packers guy, whatshisname?

Anyways, I wanted to get something out on this blog before the weekend. I am suffering from a god-awful chest cold. My boyfriend and son both have it too, but I am pregnant, so it is worse for me! So, unless I really feel better between today and Monday, don’t expect anything new.

Here are some links for you to read about “Dancing with the Stars”


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