John McBain Arrives In Port Charles– Michael Easton Makes First Appearance On ‘General Hospital’

Yesterday afternoon something happened that I have been waiting on for a long time! John McBain arrived in Port Charles just in time to stop Todd from shooting Sonny. It was extremely nice to see another familiar face in the town, and this was a bonus because I totally adore Michael Easton. Okay, adore is not the right word. I love him. He is hot!!! Yes, that’s right H-O-T!

Anyways, they set up some back story regarding Sonny knowing McBain when he was a FBI agent. Setting up history is important. I am digging the connection between Michael and Starr and think that they will be the next “General Hospital” super-couple! There is a little happiness in me to know that Kassie DePavia is leaving the show again. She is too much like Carly, and I like Carly better. I love Todd,  him and Sonny can both stay! LOL

I am interested to see how they will pull this merge off completely. Yesterday’s show left off with John and Todd on their way back to Llanview. What will happen so that they permanently stick around?


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