‘Bachelor’ Ben Chooses Courtney

After all was said and done, Ben chose Courtney. That is what Reality Steve had predicted in his blog all along. I am so disappointed that Ben caved last night and gave Courtney back the ring. I was hoping it would have been another Jason Mesnick ordeal, and Lindzi would have gotten the chance to be with Ben in the end.

My heart broke for Lindzi because of what she was going through, and because she recently went through the same thing a year prior. She was classy throughout the entire show, and she gets nothing. Perhaps she will appear on “Bachelor Pad” or something of the like. She is not the next “Bachelorette” because Emily was already chosen. I hope that Lindzi can get her head together soon and finds love. She deserves it!

Courtney talked about Ben abandoning her on “After the Final Rose.” What did she really expect? She was incredibly bitchy and rude to the other girls. She did many unflattering things and obviously she was not thinking long-term. Ben watched it all happen just as we did. He finally got to see the “real” Courtney the girls warned him about. Yup, he looked like an ass.

They both claim they are still together and engaged, but they were obviously on different pages when talking to Chris Harrison. Ben does not look like the same guy we met during Ashley’s season, and that is a huge disappointment. Hollywood got to his head.

Ben and Courtney won’t make it to marriage, that is a sure bet.


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