Best Moments From Ben’s Season On ‘The Bachelor’

Tonight is the finale night of “The Bachelor.” Ben will choose between either Courtney or Lindzi, and I am praying it is the latter. If I am honest, there is chemistry with both ladies, but Courtney more so. It is disappointing because she was such a raving bitch throughout the entire season. We watched as she was awful to the other ladies and overstepped her boundaries with Ben on more than one occasion. How unclassy is it to go skinny dipping with a guy that is still dating other women, and do it on television nonetheless. She gives women a bad name. The word slut comes to mind, but I won’t say it.

Anyhow, besides the Courtney drama there were some other crazy moments from the season. The whole Blakeley/Monica make out moment on the premiere was one of them. It was never mentioned except for the first night, so apparently neither one of them were really into each other. There were also the abrupt departures like Brittney that we took notice too. She left for the right reasons and she deserves kudos for not wasting anyone’s time.

These are a look back at some of the other episodes and moments from Ben’s season as “The Bachelor.”


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