Sunday Night Television Sucks!

This weekend has flown by, and I am not eagerly anticipating the week ahead. Weekends are my favorite time because my boyfriend is home to help with my toddler, and I can get five minutes of peace. The only thing that sucks is there is not much on television over the entire weekend. Saturdays suck, and Sundays do too. I am not a fan of “Once Upon a Time” or “Desperate Housewives,” so that rules out ABC for me. I have tuned into “Celebrity Apprentice” since it began, but I am not a fan of Lisa Lampanelli. I find her repulsive to say the least. I do like Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken though, so I may continue to watch. I just wish there were more options available. Oh wait, there is. Cable. Yeah well that is not in our budget, so I can’t even toy with the idea of having many options to choose from. I mostly stick with ABC shows though, except for “American Idol,” “Law and Order: SVU,” and “Two and a Half Men.”

Tomorrow night is when Ben will choose his woman on “The Bachelor.” I am so not even impressed, but I want to watch “After the Final Rose.” Will be interesting to see if he has to defend his choice, depending on which one was chosen. I really like Lindzi and hope she is the one picked. I am glad that the next “Bachelorette” was chosen, because no one wants to see any more of Courtney than we had already have (pending she is the one not chosen).

That’s all for now. I am entirely too lazy to have links posted or much else to say. Hopefully my blogging mojo comes back, and I will have something interesting to post about tomorrow!


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  1. Don

    TV really sucks! You spend over an hour channel surfing,but still can’t find anything good to watch. AFV should be America’s stupidiest videos. I mean really. Every show is a detective show like Law And Order. I am over it.

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