Which Stars Will Return For Season 2 Of ‘American Horror Story’?

I am an “American Horror Story” fanatic. I think the show is brilliant and I loved the cast. It was extremely disappointing to know that they are going to be changing everything around for Season 2, and nothing will remain familiar. This was not a complete shock because the ending of Season 1 was sort of rushed. The show doesn’t go the entire duration a normal network show would go, and the time span made everything happen really fast. I was hoping that Season 2 would bring the birth of Viv’s babies and they would expand on that. Instead, they killed the entire Harmon family.

Tate and Violet were my favorite characters, which you may have read about in an earlier post. I have written several speculation pieces about who will and won’t return for Season 2 before anything was confirmed. I was hoping for Tate, Hayden, and the guy that Constance was banging. It was being reported that no one from the Harmon family would be following the show, but Jessica Lange was confirmed as returning. There are still no concrete details about her return, but she would have been nuts to not follow the show! After all, she did win a Golden Globe for her role as Constance!

Ryan Murphy finally came out and confirmed which actors from Season 1 will be returning, and I am less than pleased. There was so much potential and I feel like Murphy blew it.


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