Which ‘American Idol’ Hopeful Was Booted?– March 8th, 2012

This was the first “real” week of competition on “American Idol.” Last night the contestants sang songs from Stevie Wonder (the boys) and Whitney Houston (the girls). There were some pretty terrible performances, but there were also some stand out ones as well. Jessica Sanchez stole the night when she sang the classic “I Will Always Love You” and actually hit the notes. She received a standing ovation from all three judges, and she is the one critics have pegged as the winner this season.

Erika Van Pelt and Skylar Laine did really well also. The boys were not really anything to write home about, but Jermaine and Phillip were the two best in my opinion. Ultimately my opinion means nothing, especially since i didn’t even vote last night! (For shame!)

Now it is Thursday and time for one of the hopefuls to back their bags and head home. Which ones are in the bottom three for each group?

Girls: Elyse, Erika, and Shannon

Boys: Jermaine, Joshua, Jeremy

It came down to Jeremy and Elyse

The judges had to decided which one to send home, and they chose to send Jeremy home!  Right on judges!!!


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