‘One Life to Live’ Meets ‘General Hospital’ — The Manning Arrive In Port Charles

It has been almost two months since “One Life to Live” left the air. It was an ending that I was not pleased with, and I am sure many fans agreed. There were so many loose ends, and I miss some of the characters immensely. It was one of the only shows I enjoyed watching daily. When the news broke that the Manning family would be entering Port Charles, I was thrilled! I love Blair, Starr, and Todd. Roger Howarth came back to his role, and there is no one better suited for the job. The bonus for me was John McBain heading to Port Charles as well. You see, Michael Easton has worked with Kelly Monaco before. They were lovers on another soap spin-off with vampires. Maybe “The City?” I can’t remember though. I mean, I could Google it, but I am entirely too lazy! (My apologies)

Starr has been on the show minimally for a week. During that time, she lost Cole and Hope in a horrible car crash. Michael made a promise to her that he would save them, but he couldn’t get to them in time. Blair arrived last Friday, and now we can expect Todd and John not far behind. There still is not much to go on about where the story will lead, but I hope some of them are around for an extended period of time. I really think the face off between Carly/Sonny and Blair/Todd will be amazing.

Are you excited to see what happens? Are you liking the cross-over?


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