Who Will ‘Bachelor’ Ben Choose?

It is the week before the big “Bachelor” Finale and fans all over are wondering who Ben will choose. I already know because I read the damn spoilers from that Reality Steve website. I like knowing ahead of time, and it helps me to analyze where things went wrong when I am pointing it out for people. It was really easy to tell that Ben would not choose Kacie B, especially because of the awkwardness with her parents. I couldn’t imagine having strict parents like that. I would have been more of a rebel than I was, which could have been very bad. 

We know that the final two gals are Courtney (throws up a little bit) and Lindzi. I am a complete Lindzi fan, and have been since day one. Her and Kacie were my faves by far. I really dislike Courtney because of the fake attitude and the cockiness that is associated with her. She is not the prettiest girl, and definitely didn’t have the best body. Lindzi is way more compatible with him, but I don’t think he sees it that way. Courtney is the spontaneous one and has been more focused on him since the beginning. She did come forth and apologize, but most likely that was because she felt she had to in order to save her relationship with Ben.

Who will Ben choose? 

If I had to guess, I would guess Courtney. The show is getting huge ratings because of her, and they are letting her attend the “Women Tell All” episode, which is highly unusual. If he chooses Lindzi, I will be thrilled. He had such a connection with her and her family, and that was not there with Courtney’s family. 

What are your thoughts? 


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One response to “Who Will ‘Bachelor’ Ben Choose?

  1. Tracy

    I am really hoping he doesn’t pick Courtney! I think she is fake, mean, rude – shall I keep going? 😉 For her it seemed more about the competiton and less about the love. I wonder how Ben felt when he watched the episodes. All I have to say is he better pick Lindzi!!

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