‘American Horror Story’ — Tate and Violet

When I first heard of the show, I was not impressed. I skipped the first two episodes until a friend was raving about it. I watched the episodes back to back and I was hooked. The creepy factor was through the roof, and immediately I knew I would love this show!

As the season progressed, I fell in love with Tate. I have a thing for the “lost soul” boys, and I could connect with him on some levels. When he started to show his love for Violet, it was apparent that he was a kind soul that was deeply hurt by the people in his life. Constance was one of those people, and I was shocked he didn’t kill her. Glad he didn’t though because that would have made the show less interesting. There have been many great “Tate” moments, but many of the really good ones happened when he was with Violet.

I am rather disappointed that Violet won’t be coming back on Season 2 for sure, but still hoping that Tate will. Of course he won’t be Tate, but at least I can envision him as Tate anyway. It is going to be interesting to see how things are spun and in which direction they go. I am anxious for Season 2, but a little hesitant. I feel like I will be let down, and that will be heartbreaking because I love the show.

Were you a Tate and Violet fan? What were your favorite moments?


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