‘General Hospital’ Loses Dr. Maggie— Kodi Kitchen Fired From Show

Breaking news has been announced regarding “General Hospital’s” Maggie Wurth. Apparently Kodi Kitchen (the actress that plays Maggie) was fired from the show. What does this mean for fans?

Obviously the secret about what happened in Memphis will either be tossed to the side, or play out rather quickly. There is no word yet about whether or not the character will be recast, but I certainly hope not! The one thing that concerns me about this is, there is no resolution for killer of Dr. Lisa Niles.

I have never really liked this character. Over the few months that she has been on the air, I have held many theories about her. I still believe that she is the killer of Dr. Niles. I don’t like they put her in between Steve and Olivia either.

The announcement came from Soap Opera Digest, and you can read it here.

Here are some other links that you may find interesting regard Lisa Niles’ death and the newer characters on “General Hospital.”


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