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What Is The Franco/Jason Connection On ‘General Hospital’?

The huge secret on “General Hospital” was supposed to be revealed this week. Instead, we got another clue and the story will drag out another couple of weeks. There have been rumors for months about Heather Webber making a return to the show. She is the mother of Elizabeth and Steven, and I can’t even begin to tell you anything more about her. I don’t remember her or why she is in jail. I am a little confused as to what she has to offer, but curious at the same time. *Edited* Thanks to Jeri- I realized I was misinformed. Steven and Elizabeth are half-siblings by their father. Heather is strictly related to only Steven. Thanks Jeri!

For a while, fans have talked about the possibility that Jason and Franco were twins or brothers. The twin thing would be kind of lame, but the brothers thing would definitely make the story a little more believable. I was not too keen on the whole Franco/Jason story line to begin with, especially with the whole “possible rape” of Sam and her pregnancy. It is all a bit weird for me.

What are your thoughts?

‘General Hospital’ Writers Ruined Franco Story Line



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‘American Idol’— Who Got Sent Home On March 29th, 2012?

Each week that is passing means we are closer to finding out who will win the title of “American Idol” 2012. There are some standout performers still in the game, but America seems to be voting based on appeal and looks.

Last night many of the performances were stellar, and a few fell short. It seems that America either REALLY likes you, or really doesn’t. Last week Elise caught a break, and it seems like she is getting back into the good graces of America.

Nikki Minaj performed. I think she is trashy and so not the type of artist that should be present on shows dubbed for families. Blergh.

The bottom three this week were:


Hee Jun (bout damn time America! FFS!)


Hee Jun was sent home. The judges did not save him and now the contestants are down to eight total.

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Robin Alive On ‘General Hospital’?

After weeks of mourning the loss of Robin Scorpio-Drake on “General Hospital,” fans have realized that she is still alive. During the “GH” episode that aired on 3/27/12, we saw Robin wake up in a hospital-like setting and try to leave the room. The door was locked, and a woman entered. This is about all we know up to this point, but frankly, I am a little shocked. I was under the impression that Kimberly McCullough was not returning because she wanted to pursue other things like directing. She was supposed to have been gone in February, and it is now almost April.

There are rumors that Fiason is coming back to town, but I will admit I am not familiar with him. I am sure I have seen him on the show, but I was young back in the 80s so my memories are scattered. It will be interesting if he does return, and what will happen. Robert is off chasing Ethan, but will he return for Robin?

What are your thoughts?

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Who Got Sent Home On ‘Dancing With the Stars’? —March 27th, 2012

The first elimination from Season 14 of “Dancing with the Stars” has come and gone.  Who got to take the walk of shame and who will be safe to dance another week?

This season the competition is fierce. They are all at least halfway decent to watch.

Sugarland performed tonight, even after much controversy they have had in the media since the stage collapse in Indiana.

The couples i n danger were:

Chelsea and Roshon

Martina and Tony

Karina and Gavin

After all was said and done, Martina and Tony were voted off. Of course this is no surprise, Martina was not very well-known.

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‘American Idol’ Top 10 Becomes Top 9– Which Contestant Was Sent Home March 22, 2012?

Last night the remaining 10 finalists sang Billy Joel classics. P. Diddy and Jimmy Iovine were the mentors, and the contestants also got a little wardrobe help from a stylist. Tonight one more hopeful will head home, and that will bring nine others closer to their dream of being the next “American Idol.”

In my opinion, the only three that have a true shot at winning and succeeding are Colton, Phillip, and Hollie.  Those three have styles they are set into already, and they know what to do to make a song their own. I personally am hoping for a Skylar or Phillip win, but I just can’t see America choosing another country artist so soon.

The bottom three tonight were—–



Hee Jun

Erika was the one that America did NOT vote for this week, and she was given the chance to sing for her life. Unfortunately she was not saved.

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