Oscar Sunday

It is that time of year again. The biggest stars in Hollywood are preparing to walk the red carpet, and people everywhere are talking about who will win the biggest prizes. This year there are so many great movies nominated. I am anxious to see what everyone is wearing and who will win the coveted awards. I am not much of a movie fan honestly. I would rather watch the Emmy Awards and see my favorite television stars walk the red carpet. I am going to watch the awards anyway, especially since not much else will be airing against them.

Brad Pitt and his homewrecker, Angelina Jolie, will be at the awards. “Moneyball” is one of the most talked about movies, and Pitt is up for the Best Actor award. In fact, he is up against his buddy, George Clooney. I am rooting for George though. I still can’t believe how bogus was to Jennifer Aniston. Gah! That shit still pisses me off how many years later? Yeah. I am one of the bitter Jen fans.

Fashion tonight is iffy. I am sure there will be wonderful dresses, but there will definitely be fails as well. I am more interested in the fails and fashion blunders than the actual hits. I am going to check in with Perez Hilton and see what he is saying about who. Should make for an interesting night on Twitter!

I am curious about what you think about the Oscar celebrations. Are you into the whole thing, or do you just watch out of habit? Which movie are you rooting for?

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Tomorrow is back to the daily grind around here, and I am not ready for it!


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