Let’s Talk About ‘General Hospital’

I have been an avid soap watcher for the majority of my life. I grew up watching them, and on my own I continued to watch. Since the other two ABC soaps were canceled, I have been focusing on “General Hospital.” I have a few theories regarding the show, and I want to discuss them here and see if anyone has any additional input.

For a long time is was speculated that Robin would die from AIDS. The show went pretty far to burn that in our brains, but that was not the case at all. In fact, she lost her life because of her “need” to save Jason. While working on his protocol, Maxie bumped the gas with her purse and that ultimately led to the explosion and Robin’s demise. Fans were wondering whether they were going to kill off Robin, or just have her “missing”. The general idea among fans is that she is gone for good, but there are a few others that believe the writers MAY write her in again and say she was kidnapped by people out to get Anna and Robert. Thoughts?

The whole Franco story has been really odd. I was not a fan of the fact that he “raped” Sam, or rather, that it was insinuated. His sick obsession with Jason was not explained well. Jason has killed him and yet there are still things happening. I think the writers ruined the storyline, and it had great potential. Now fans are questioning whether or not the two men are brothers, or somehow related. What do you think?

Another question fans are buzzing about is the shooting of Sonny, and the connection Kate has to it. She has been acting quite odd as of late, and it seems like this shooting is correlated to her in some way. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, and whether or not the shooting ties to her. Which character do you think shot Sonny?

Next week (or maybe this weekend) I plan to do a dedication post to Robin Scorpio with some Youtube links and funny memories I have of her. If you would like to share your favorite moment of hers or choose a clip, you can email me and I will include it in the post. You can find my contact info on the “Meet Tiffany” page at the top.


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